Session Times

Here, you’ll find our session times designed to accommodate your child’s learning needs and your family’s schedule. Choose from our morning and afternoon sessions to create the perfect learning experience for your child.

Open timesSession choices
Monday09.15 – 13.153 or 4 hour sessions
Tuesday09.15 – 14.453, 4 or 5.5 hour sessions
Wednesday09.15 – 13.153 or 4 hour sessions
Thursday09.15 – 14.453, 4 or 5.5 hour sessions
Friday09.15 – 13.153 or 4 hour sessions

Daily Routine

At Come and Play Preschool, we follow a carefully structured daily routine to ensure your child’s growth and development. Discover how our engaging activities and group interactions shape a typical day in our preschool sessions.

9.15Learning through free play inside and outside including
topic activities
10.15Wash hands and rolling snack
11.30Small group time including Letters and sounds and songs
11.50Group time activity
12.10Leaving routine (if applicable)
12.15Leave/arrive/free play
12.30Wash hands and lunch followed by free play
1.10Leaving routine (if applicable)
1.15Leave (if applicable)
2.25Tidy up
2.30Group time activity
2.45Home time

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