Our space

Welcome to Our Space at Come and Play Preschool

We take great pride in providing a stimulating and safe environment for your child’s early learning journey. Our dedicated indoor and outdoor areas are thoughtfully designed to inspire creativity, exploration, and fun. Let’s take a closer look at the spaces where your child will spend their valuable time.

The main room

Step into our vibrant indoor space, where imaginations come to life. The main room is a hub of activity, featuring exciting areas like “Little World,” a reading nook, dressing-up corner, and a table area with engaging activities. Each day, our setup evolves to captivate young minds, and throughout the term, we introduce themed and special features that add a touch of magic to the learning experience.

Outdoor space

Step into our inviting outdoor space, where your child can enjoy the benefits of fresh air and endless opportunities for play and discovery. Our outdoor area is thoughtfully designed with ride-on toys, ball games, sensory experiences, noisy play, and messy play options. Safety is paramount, and our rubber protective flooring ensures that your child can explore with confidence, all while embracing the great outdoors.

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