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Key Information

The Come And Play Pre-School has 5 experienced members of staff, supported by a committee made up of enthusiastic parents. This consists of a Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and up to four other members, who organise fund-raising events and help with the administration.

The Come and Play Pre-School was last inspected by Ofsted in January 2018 and received an excellent report. Overall provision was good.

The Annual General Meeting is held during the Autumn term and all parents are invited to attend and participate. The Pre-School Learning Alliance Constitution has been adopted and membership of our pre-school will be open to all parents or guardians involved with the Come and Play Pre-School activities and to any other interested persons.

We are a non-profit making organisation and have to provide all our own equipment, rent and salaries. Our day to day expenses are covered by Bucks County Council funding and fees. However, as we constantly need to update and replace equipment and cope with repairs we are grateful to have the active help and support of parents with fundraising activities.

Come and Play Pre-School is registered with The Bucks Early Years Partnership and Ofsted and we are members of the Early Years Alliance. We follow guidance issued by the local Health Protection Agency and children should not be sent to pre-school unless they have been well for 48 hours after having been sick or suffered any other stomach complaint.

The Come and Play Pre-School prides itself on having a high staff to child ratio to provide the children with a high level of interactive care and learning.  Our ratios are: 1 adult for every 4 children age 2 years and 1 adult for every 8 children age 3-5 years.

Session times

Monday 09.15 - 13.15 (3 or 4 hour sessions)  
Tuesday 09.15 - 14.45 (3, 4 or 5.5 hour sessions)  
Wednesday 09.15 - 13.15 (3 or 4 hour sessions)  
Thursday 09.15 - 14.45 (3, 4 or 5.5 hour sessions)  
Friday 09.15 - 13.15 (3 or 4 hour sessions)

Daily Routine

  9.15   Learning through free play inside and outside including
topic activities
  11.05   Tidy up and wash hands
  11.15   Drink and snack with small group discussion time
  11.30   Small group time including Spirals/SALLEY and songs
  11.50   Group time activity
  12.10   Leaving routine (if applicable)
  12.15   Leave/arrive/free play
  12.30   Wash hands and lunch followed by free play
  1.10   Leaving routine (if applicable)
  1.15   Leave (if applicable)
  2.25   Tidy up
  2.30   Group time activity
  2.45   Home time